Benefits of Bio-Technology

Lots of benefits to be gained from the use of this knowledge. Bio-technology can be utilized in agriculture, livestock and fisheries, and in the field of health and medicine. In the agricultural sector for example the use of bio-technology is to create superior cultivars such as rice and seasonal crops is very useful for the food needs of the people of Indonesia. Therefore, the development of biotechnology in various fields needs serious attention. One fact that can not be denied due to underdevelopment of our country is to develop biotechnology germplasm utilized our country by other countries. Bangkok durian and mango purple from Australia is a small example.

In the field of animal husbandry and fisheries, bio-technologically utilized for the production technology, such as artificial insemination, embryo transfer, Kriopreservasi embryos, IVF, sperm and embryo sexing, cloning and spliting. 2) genetic engineering, such as genome maps, masks asisted selection, transgenic, genetic identification, molecular conservation, 3) improving the efficiency and quality of feed, such as manipulation of rumen microbes, and 4) biotechnology related to the veterinary field.

And in the field of health and medicine, bio-technology is used to perform an IVF program is not solely to obtain the derivative, but because it requires the donor for her daughter Molly was 6 years old and suffering from anemia fanconi disease.


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